Simple Treasures Cookbook

Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts is dedicated to providing world-class dining at all our locations. We are extremely proud of our recipes and the restaurants for which they were created.

Simple Treasures

Now, CRMR is thrilled to make these recipes available to you in our cookbook Simple Treasures. Our selected recipes are a cornucopia of old and new. They have all been served in our restaurants and requested by diners at some point over the last 25 years. We’ve endeavoured to keep the recipes as simple as possible with easy-to-follow instructions and readily available ingredients – while still respecting the integrity of the various dishes.

We hope the recipes in Simple Treasures will bring a piece of Western Canada to your home, or inspire you to visit us in our extraordinary Canadian Rockies which, in the last years, have become a popular culinary destination.

Simple Treasures is available at select independent bookstores, Chapters, Indigo, and Amazon. The cookbook may also be purchased at our mountain lodges, any of our  Calgary restaurants and Bin 905 wine boutique.



Decades of Decadence Cookbook

About The Cookbookcookbook

For generations Rebecca Klemke’s family has been dedicated to a very simple goal: finding, cooking, eating, and sharing epic eats. Over Rebecca Klemke’s university years, prior to her Grandma, Lois O’Connor, going completely blind, the two committed to a journey. They spent countless hours over three years preserving her Grandma’s anthology of recipes – transcribing hundreds of classic and most cherished family dishes, compiling them legibly in an attempt to allow the passion for great food to live on. Over cups of tea, cookies and long afternoons, Rebecca Klemke unlocked the secrets behind each dirty cocktail napkin formula and learned about the fantastic expedition that was her Grandmother’s life. It was a journey – a voyage back into her Grandma’s era, where stories were told, personal experiences shared, and flavours of mouth-watering recipes captured. Their endeavor was a success; a cookbook has been created. Decades Of Decadence is a family’s collection of favourite and truly decadent recipes that have been loved and past down over decades. A cookbook that literally speaks of the decades of decadence that was Rebecca’s Grandma’s way of life. It is an abundance of epic eats.

Produced & Printed in Canada

About The AuthorRebecca Klemke Kitchen

Since the dawn of time good food has been a conduit for memorable experiences and heartfelt relationships. For Rebecca Klemke it began with a Grandma who lived for creating fabulous food. Nothing evokes her family’s charm so eloquently as their food. From the most casual meal to a black-tie sit down dinner party, their vibrant cuisine mirrors perfectly the passion, style, and joy that marks Rebecca’s way of life. Good food is a key ingredient to great living.

Decades of Decadence is available to purchase online