Emerald Lake Lodge will be open year-round again.

Emerald Lake Lodge will be open year-round again. Construction of the 200’ wood pedestrian and vehicle bridge leading into Emerald Lake Lodge is complete. Emerald Lake has closed for maintenance for the past three years from the middle of October to the beginning of December due to planned construction of the bridge and maintenance of historic Emerald Lake Lodge. The bridge was last upgraded in the early 1980’s. Plans for the upgrades were proposed in 2010 with actual construction of the bridge being completed from October 13, 2014 to November 20, 2014.


“We are incredibly excited to be able to open Emerald Lake Lodge back up to guests during the fall and have our major infrastructure upgrades complete,” notes Larkin O’Connor, Development Manager, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. “Fall at Emerald Lake Lodge is a spectacular sight to see for visitors around the world. The gold leaves on the trees emphasize the emerald green colour of Emerald Lake – it’s mesmerizing.”



In accordance with Parks Canada, the bridge was re-built with a pedestrian separation structure to ensure safety of all guests on the bridge. The new wood bridge features crash barriers on either side of the vehicle lane and wrought iron guard rails on the pedestrian lane. The pedestrian lane faces Mount Burgess.

Construction of the bridge was part of a three-tier infrastructure upgrade to Emerald Lake Lodge, which included new roofs on the cabins, a new micro-turbine system to power the lodge and a new sewage treatment plant. Emerald Lake Lodge is completely off the grid and is self-reliant for all utilities. The upgrades are critical to ensure this historic lodge operates efficiently throughout all four seasons and minimizes its environmental footprint.

Autumn at Emerald Lake Lodge is a remarkable time to experience the Rockies. We look forward to welcoming visitors again this upcoming October and November.


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Photos courtesy of Kim Payant Photography and Jason Dziver.