3 Things to do around Emerald Lake Lodge this Fall

Let’s be honest: if you decide to spend your whole visit to Emerald Lake Lodge lounging in the main lodge, taking leisurely walks around the pristine turquoise lake, and sitting on the balcony of your room staring up at the surrounding mountains…well, no one would blame you. This is a perfectly fantastic way to spend a holiday, whether it’s fall, winter, spring or summer. Relax in the hot tub, stare at the stars, order a glass or bottle (you aren’t driving anywhere) of delicious wine and just enjoy Emerald Lake Lodge as the ultimate escape that it is. Perfect vacation: mission accomplished.


Now, if you have a couple extra days, and start to feel like you should explore, and see what else Yoho National Park has to offer, well, there are options for that scenario too. Amazing hiking, stunning waterfalls to admire, and mountains to scramble-you choose how strenuous a day you would like to experience.

When you are ready to discover Yoho National Park, here are three things you can’t miss.


1. WATERFALLS: Takakkaw Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Canada, and the road leading to the falls is open to small vehicles and bicycles until mid-October. For the ambitious, do the Takakkaw Falls to Yoho Lake Circuit hike, which takes about half a day, and is family friendly. Wapta Falls is another impressive waterfalls nearby, which is an easy and enjoyable hike as well.

2. DO A TOUR OF NEARBY INTERESTING SITES: The Natural Bridge, Kicking Horse Pass National Historic Site, Spiral Tunnels and the Town of Field are each fascinating stops in their own right, and make the perfect outing from the lodge. Admire the erosive forces of the rushing waters at the Natural Bridge, witness the audacity of the steep train route created at the Kicking Horse Pass National Historic Site, marvel at the engineering marvel that is the Spiral Tunnels, and explore the lovely little town of Field.


3. SCRAMBLING: Mountain climbers have been drawn to Yoho National Park for generations. Emerald Lake Lodge is very close to three popular scrambles – at Mount Burgess, Mount Stephen and Mount Field.

The best part of planning your trip this fall is that Emerald Lake Lodge is now open year-round! In past years, the lodge has closed in the fall for maintenance, but this year the lodge is open for the full, glorious season.


Fall is such a sumptuous time in the Canadian Rockies, and now that Emerald Lake Lodge is open all season, there’s no reason to miss out.  When you’ve had your fill of exploring the surrounding waterfalls, historic sights and mountains, indulge in the Rocky Mountain Cuisine of the Mount Burgess Dining Room, lounge in the comfortable Kicking Horse Lounge, and play snooker in the games room. It is a truly exciting time to visit this gorgeous area-less than a three hour drive from Calgary. Book your stay now at Emerald Lake Lodge. Your body and soul will thank you.