3 Things to do in Banff this Fall

Fall is a season begging to be immortalized with the abundance of orange and yellow and red-hued trees.

It’s easy to feel a certain sadness when summer winds down, and the kids are back in school and the weather cools. But fear not, for an absolutely glorious time is here – fall! Fall is a season of warm and cozy fashion, delicious caramel and pumpkin-infused warm beverages, and some of the most stunning scenery and hiking of the whole year. Fall is where it’s at.

This is a season for pulling out the camera, and your hiking poles, because there are orange and yellow and red-hued trees out there begging to be immortalized. The crazy crowds of summer have departed, and the charming town of Banff can shine. Wander the downtown and pick up a cozy sweater at one of the shops, sip a latte from a local café, and spontaneously decide to pick up some scrumptious caramel popcorn from a neighbourhood vendor-which is the perfect snack for fall, of course…


The season beckons you to a hot tub, and invites you to light up a wood-burning fireplace, after an invigorating hike in the pristine mountain setting. Buffalo Mountain Lodge offers all of these things. Snuggle up under the cozy duvet in your room, and listen to the crackling of your wood burning fireplace, after a hike to witness those spectacular larches you’ve heard so much about. Dine at Sleeping Buffalo Dining Room, order a specialty coffee, and catch a glimpse of one of the elk that frequent the area. Or sit in the lounge in front of the massive fireplace, and share a charcuterie board with someone you love. Just take it all in. There’s no rush, take your time.

When you are ready to explore Banff, here are three things you can’t miss:


1. HIKING: Hikes in fall are spectacular – less crowded than during the peak summer season, and more interesting too, due to the changing colours everywhere, and the changing weather, which can offer moments of sunny heat followed by a light dusting of powdery snow. Vermillion Lakes is five minutes west of the Banff town site, on the Vermillion Lakes drive. This is a very easy hike that includes interpretive panels which share the stories of the geology and wetland ecology of the area. You can hike in the area, or sit on the docks and benches and admire Mount Rundle-one of Banff’s most impressive and recognizable mountains. While in Banff, it is also a must to explore one of the ‘Larch Hikes’ simply because they showcase the bright, eye-popping beauty of the larches in the fall in the Banff and Lake Louise area.

2. BANFF UPPER HOT SPRINGS: The Banff Upper Hot Springs are a soothing place to unwind in the cool fall. The hot, mineral-laden water will relax your tired muscles and the gorgeous surroundings will soothe your soul. This is a truly heritage experience, as people for generations have soaked in natural mineral springs to ease aching muscles. At 5085 metres elevation, these are the highest altitude hot springs in Canada, and 100% natural mineral water is flowing at the Banff Upper Hot Springs.

3. BIKING: Buffalo Mountain Lodge is a bike friendly lodge-we have options for storing your bike, and have excellent biking trails nearby. Several are accessible from the property. Buffalo Mountain Lodge also offers hard trail mountain bikes for use by guests, just ask the front desk for more information. Rental rates will apply. An easy and fun trail that can be accessed from the lodge is the Tunnel Mountain Loop which is 9.7 km and takes 45 minutes – 1.5 hours to complete. A great start to your mountain biking adventure!

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Fall is a gorgeous time in the Canadian Rockies, and Banff offers so much at this time of year. From relaxing at Buffalo Mountain Lodge to wandering the quaint downtown streets, which offer local and artisanal bakes goods and souvenirs, to exploring the hiking and biking in the area, it is a an exciting time to visit the area- just a one and a half hour drive from Calgary.

Book your stay at Buffalo Mountain Lodge now to take advantage of all the mountains have to offer. It’s also the perfect time for corporate retreats, meetings, and to start scouting for a wedding location!