What is it like to Ring in New Year’s Eve in Lake Louise?

Jennifer Santos went to experience New Year’s Eve at Deer Lodge last year and narrates her evening.

When you reach a certain age (and I’m not talking old old here, just the age when the idea of going to clubs and being packed up against sweaty people dancing all night loses its appeal – or maybe that type of New year’s Eve never appealed to you) you realize that New Year’s Eve is still a special night, but not in the same way once was. The options for celebrating have become tamer – dinner at a restaurant in the city is fine, staying home, hanging out with friends is fun, but somehow, you feel there must be another way to celebrate, something to make it all feel more special.

This was the feeling I had, this year, when I realized that New Year’s Eve was fast approaching, and we didn’t have plans, or even an idea of what to do to make the night feel out of the ordinary. Suddenly an idea came to me: we live in Calgary, on the doorstep of the Rockies.


Why not spend New Year’s Eve out in the mountains, overnight? My husband agreed, so we started doing some research online. We checked out all the hotels that had something special happening. Again and again we returned to CRMR’s lodges. They had a New Year’s Eve package, the pricing was very reasonable compared to any other mountain property, and there were three locations we could choose from.

Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff was the closest to Calgary, and would offer the most as far as nightlife, if we chose to leave the lodge itself. Deer Lodge in Lake Louise was footsteps from the skating, snowshoeing and gorgeous views of Lake Louise. Emerald Lake Lodge, near Field, British Columbia, was the most remote, and had live music for the night. After much debate back and forth, we decided on Deer Lodge in Lake Louise, and convinced our friends to join us. We booked a Heritage King room for the night, and excitedly began planning our night away.


New Year’s Eve arrived, and we headed out early. Parking the car at Deer Lodge, we unloaded our snowshoes, and went out on a two hour snowshoe hike around the Lake Louise area. The snow was fluffy and plentiful and the weather brisk but sunny. It was everything a snowshoe adventure should be: challenging enough that you get a workout, but easy enough to be fun for everyone. After that, we spent some time skating on Lake Louise and trying to keep from falling over each other, laughing hysterically the entire time.


By this time, our cheeks were rosy and we were ready for a specialty coffee back at the lodge. We walked back to Deer Lodge and ordered coffees and Bailey’s – with extra whipped cream, of course – in the Caribou Lounge. Drinks finished, it was time to check out the games room, and we split into teams to play some mildly competitive Foosball and a game of pool, before heading to our room, where we nibbled on a cheese plate we’d ordered from the lounge, and sipped wine while chatting about the adventures of the day.

Finally it was time to get ready for our big night of festivities. Shower, make up, hair done, and dressed up in our finest New year’s Eve outfits, we met our friends in the sitting area for a cocktail and awesome photo opportunities. Deer Lodge is a heritage property, and decorated with all kinds of antique furniture that create the perfect backdrop for fun pictures.  We spent quite a bit of time taking pictures of ourselves posing in various settings that all screamed rustic mountain experience, playing the piano, and of course sitting next to the roaring fire.

Then it was time for dinner. The dining room was full and lively, exactly how you want it to be for New Year’s Eve. All ages of guests were there, creating a fun, inclusive atmosphere. The three course menu was delicious, highlighting Rocky Mountain Cuisine and the flavours CRMR is known for. After dessert, a cheese tray was set up for guests to enjoy. Once we were done dinner, we moved to the lounge, where a DJ was playing music and a dance floor was set up, where we-of course-ended doing some impromptu dancing and requesting our favourite songs.


Then the countdown was on, and we toasted the New Year with a glass of sparkling wine, a kiss, and hugs all around. A little more dancing, and off to bed, visions of snowshoeing, skating, dancing and eating in our heads.

After a peaceful night’s sleep, we headed down to the breakfast buffet, and reminisced about the day before, which, we all agreed, had been the most perfect New Year’s Eve ever. With a start like that to the New Year, we were confident the rest of the year would be absolutely fabulous!

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Note to readers: This blog post is written by Jennifer Santos, a consultant with CRMR, who spent her New Year’s Eve out at Deer Lodge last year on her own accord. This was not a hosted visit.