What to Wear for Dining in the Rockies with CRMR

Stylist and fashion blogger Becky Kung from Velvet & Vino  is the expert when it comes to looking great in any season. As an avid traveller and frequent visitor to Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts’ lodges, she knows a thing or two about how to look your best when it comes to fashion in the Canadian Rockies.

As Becky can attest, nothing compares to dining in the Rockies with CRMR at Deer Lodge in the winter months. The escape from the city to a beautiful setting tucked in the mountains creates a moment to remember. With the chilly winter weather still upon us this season, she’ll be the first to admit that it can be challenging to find the outfit that pairs perfectly for the dining experience. For this winter season, she is thrilled to share her tips on what to wear for dining in the Rockies.

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Deer Lodge is a cozy and quaint setting combined with a touch of rustic flavors. Whenever I visit the lodge, there’s something so special about pairing an outfit that feels cozy with an added touch of style.

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It may be cold outside, yet that doesn’t mean we have to give up on wearing stylish outfits. Knit sweaters and turtlenecks are so on trend this winter season, so my favorite go-to is pairing a knit sweater with dark blue high waist skinny jeans. Sometimes I like to wear a blouse underneath my sweater. This makes for a great way to remove layers if needed. When I get too warm inside, I can then remove my sweater layer and show off the blouse during dinner.

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To elevate my look for the dining experience, I love layering my outfit with a warm faux fur black coat. It’s simple and yet one of my favorite techniques on dressing for the cooler weather. Fur coats are one of my favorite top layers for any outfit given their natural ability to keep the body warm, yet these are perfect for adding that touch of glam to any look. To create an extra layer of warmth, over the knee boots are a great addition for the outfit. Finishing off the look with a cute hat and gloves, the outfit is all set for a cozy candlelight dinner experience.

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For more fashion and style inspiration, check out Becky at Velvet & Vino.