Five Wonderful Reasons to get Married in the Rockies this Winter

Winter is a season not to be forgotten and wished away, but to be cherished and celebrated – and what better way to celebrate the season than saying I do.

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Not only is winter a wonderful time to explore the Canadian Rockies, it is also one of stunning natural beauty that creates the perfect backdrop for romantic and picture perfect weddings unlike no other season.

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While many brides imagine their day to be under the summer sun, there are so many reasons why celebrating in the winter will naturally stand out from the rest – both for you and your guests!

So here are our top five reasons why Rocky Mountain weddings are even more wonderful in the winter:

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  1. It will feel like it’s just you and your loved ones celebrating the big day

Winter in the Canadian Rockies is a peaceful and quiet time, and falling snow creates a feeling of romance and tranquillity that can’t be matched in any other season.

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Unlike the busy summer time that is bustling with activity, tourists and other weddings, winter is a time where loved ones can come together and feel like this snowy winter backdrop is all their own. Couples can share their vows in stunning locations that may be otherwise too busy and crowded with people in the summer and fall seasons, and enjoy sharing the wonderful wedding moments without the distractions.

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Another wonderful gift that is often overlooked with winter weddings is the great availability for booking a venue, and ensuring your guests will have a cozy place to stay at the end of the night.

Brides and Grooms can event opt to Rent Your Own Lodge at Emerald Lake Lodge, or Deer Lodge to have an even more intimate experience with guests. Winter is a time where accommodation is economical for the bride and groom and when there is more flexibility with choosing the perfect date to say I do. Not to mention, guests often make a mini winter break out of their trip to the Rockies!

  1. Snowy settings make for endless photo opportunities

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Blankets of thick white snow, sparkling skies and the incredible mountain landscapes are just a few of the backdrops brides, grooms and entire wedding parties will have at their disposal for the perfect photo moments in the snowy winter season.

Whether it be with the mountain backdrop near Buffalo Mountain Lodge or Emerald Lake Lodge, or on frozen Lake Louise near Deer Lodge, you’ll look back fondly on this special day for years to come.

Photo credit: Kim Payant Photography

Photo credit: Kim Payant Photography

  1. There is no need to get wrapped up in the weather

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When getting married in the winter, there is one thing you can always forecast for: snow on the ground and crispness in the air. Both you and your guests will be able to plan for this, and won’t have to worry about the big day being disrupted by rain or uncomfortably hot temperatures. In fact, snow is a welcomed gift when tying the knot in the winter!

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Like many winter weddings at our lodges, the ceremony and reception is often held inside, which is both comfortable and cozy for you and your guests – not to mention the fact that you won’t be frantically checking the long range forecast in the days leading up to the wedding!

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  1. Cozy up and embrace the season

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No other season allows you to pick out something warm, stylish and practical for adventuring outside for photos or to share vows. Brides can feel cozy and comfortable wrapped in luxurious capes, cute sweaters and warm boots under their dresses. For brides with a fair complexion, why not celebrate your natural beauty and be a winter princess with your prince charming?

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  1. Winter activities are at your disposal

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The fun that comes with a wedding in the Rockies doesn’t just end when the night is over, but lasts for the entire winter getaway. When heading to the Rockies for the wedding, couples and their guests often take a few extra days to enjoy the countless activities that the mountain landscape has to offer.

In fact, many guests see winter weddings as a highlight of the season and have schedules that aren’t being spread across multiple wedding engagements.

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Arrange a cross-country ski afternoon at Emerald Lake Lodge or a sleigh riding expedition at Lake Louise with the wedding party to have some laughs before the wedding reception. We promise that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The best part about exploring in the Rockies is having a cozy room, in-room fireplace and an outdoor hot tub to help warm you up at the end of the day.

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So let’s start making your dream winter wedding a reality! Deer Lodge, Emerald Lake Lodge and Buffalo Mountain Lodge are treasured escapes in the winter season and make for stunning backdrops to couples looking to start the next chapter in their lives.

Jennifer Wilson at Emerald Lake Lodge and Kerrie-Lynn Carter at Buffalo Mountain Lodge and Deer Lodge can’t wait to hear from you to start planning your dream day, and in the meantime, take a peek at our Deer Lodge, Emerald Lake Lodge and Buffalo Mountain Lodge wedding packages to start planning your perfect day.