Building Strong Bonds

As a family company, we believe in building strong bonds with our employees, contractors and vendors. At CRMR, our employees become part of the family.  Since the inception of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resort, a selection of people have made a lasting impact on the company through their work and contributions over the years. Watch the video’s below to learn a little bit more about each person and what Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts’ means to them.

Eric Sundstrom, CRMR’s custom woodwork artist looks back at his time spent working with Patrick & Connie O’Connor and Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. Often projects start with a loose sketch from the O’Connor’s and Eric is able to bring their vision to life. This collaborative process is a true representation of his work with the O’Connor’s and the future generations of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts.


Chris and Carol have been working with CRMR for over 18 years and believe that you should love the work you do, as well as the people.



Stay tuned for more videos like these coming.