Dish Washer

job description

Ensure dishes, cutlery, kitchen accessories and cooking ware are up to standard in quality in cleanliness and organization. Hiring Multiple.

Reports to
Head Chef, Sous Chef, Kitchen Supervisors and Lodge Manager
As Required
Primary Function

To maintain cleanliness of all kitchen wares, equipment and areas.

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Maintain a constant stock of clean wares in all kitchen areas
  • Maintain dishwashing equipment including the grease trap
  • Report all faulty equipment to supervisor
  • Uphold constant cleanliness of all kitchen areas including fridges, equipment & floors
  • Adhere to health and safety regulations
  • Follow daily duty roster and policy manual
  • Maintain proper storage of kitchen and Food and Beverage wares
  • Receive kitchen products, put away and rotate stock
  • Assist with kitchen prep (chopping vegetables, preparing fruits, making freshly squeeze orange juice)
  • Uphold a clean and healthy staff cafeteria, including microwave and cupboards
  • Preform other duties when assigned


  • 1-2 years of practical experience
  • Substantial knowledge of food safety and handling procedures
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • The ability to work in team environment
  • Ability to work all restaurant operating hours
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to endure long periods of standing (sitting, bending, and lifting may be required)

Please email your resume to hr@crmr.com or hr2@crmr.co

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