Food and Beverage Manager

job description

The Assistant Food and Beverage Manager will ensure guests feel welcomed, oversee and mentor the F&B Supervisory team, as well as junior line staff.

Reports to
Hotel Manager
As required
Primary Function

To ensure the smooth, efficient, and profitable operation of all F&B, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Must be prepared to work all shifts, and to cover for the Breakfast and Banquet Managers on days off
• Must be prepared to oversee training and mentorship for all members of Department
• Work closely with the Meetings & Events Department, attending weekly BEO meetings; liaising with the Kitchen to provide the service expected by our guests
• Oversee daily inventory of liquor and beer counts
• Assistant F&B Manager is expected on the floor regularly, and to greet the guests in function areas (40% of the position is hands-on, 60% administrative)
• To conduct regular staff meetings and communication sessions
• Oversee Supervisors to ensure Dining Room, Lounge, and function facilities are clean, tidy, organized, and follow Health & Safety standards; conduct spot-checks to ensure standards are being met
• To provide guidance and mentorship to all other members of the F&B Supervisory team
• To provide the example to all staff re: grooming policies, professionalism, and verbiage; supporting staff throughout every shift
• To foster a team attitude, overseeing all staff members, and ensuring that communication and standards are as indicated in Operations Manual
• Oversee the Cilantro-on-the-Lake team, when the Outlet is open (seasonal)
• To assign tasks to members of Supervisory team
• To prepare schedule, ensuring staff shifts are allocated in a fair and equitable manner, and provide the hours required for retention of staff; provide copies of schedule to Hotel Manager/Operations Manager
• To provide Hotel Manager with ongoing communication in the event of performance issues, and to notify HR right away with respect to incident reports
• Provide explanations to the Hotel Manager for any situations that required use of a Promo account
• To assist in menu planning, if necessary, and to consult with the Chef on daily specials
• Oversee all communication as it relates to F&B team (pre/post discussions regarding menu changes, items changes, specials, etcetera)
• To oversee all set up and tear down for Meetings & Events
• To address client concerns/issues immediately and effectively
• To communicate any information/direction required by the Front Desk to the FOM/FOS
• To ensure staff is fully trained in emergency and power outage procedures
• To ensure Health & Safety regulations are strictly maintained
• Inform Hotel Manager re: the purchase of any stock, wares, wines, liquors, as per revenue allocations at the Lodge; consult with Hotel Manager/Operations Manager concerning larger purchases
• To attend bi-weekly Department Head Meetings, or to provide a representative to attend in their place
• Ongoing communication with all departments to provide a cohesive team at the Lodge
• Working sections when required
• Serving banquets when required
• Working breakfast when required
• Arrive on time and groomed appropriately, as per CRMR Employee Handbook
• Other duties, as required
• Assist other departments, as needed


• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written
• A passion for customer service; previous experience is an asset
• Highly organized and detail oriented, with the ability to multitask
• Able to cope in high pressure situations
• Knowledge of Squirrel an is an asset
• Microsoft Office and Outlook is required
• Previous hotel experience mandatory
• Must be willing to work all shifts (AM, PM, and mid-shifts) and provide support with daily service when required
• Previous F&B Supervisory/Management Experience, including Banquets, is required
• Must be able to work in a team setting, while providing professional direction to staff and other Managers in the Department
• Must have the ability to handle any guest issues, with guidance from the Hotel Manager, if required
• Must have the ability to handle any staffing issues, with guidance from the Hotel Manager and HR, if required
• Sommelier certification is an asset
• Serving It Right certification is required
• Must have inventory and cost analysis experience
• Menu and culinary abilities are an asset
• Must be able to work independently and remain calm in the event of an emergency
• Ability to endure long periods of standing (sitting, bending, and lifting to 45 pounds may be required)

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