Food and Beverage Supervisor

job description

The Food and Beverage Supervisor is responsible for overseeing front of house operations for the food and beverage teams at Emerald Lake Lodge. This role includes coordinating start and cut times for service and bar staff, running food, handling various guest interactions, and more. There are many facets to this position including helping with the training of servers, hosts, and bussers.

Reports to
Food and Beverage Manager
As required
Primary Function

To supervise F&B operations to ensure they run efficiently and profitably, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service; and to make guests feel welcomed.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Maintaining the current process for inventory, ordering, wine list, menu printing, tastings, allocation of duty, personal and promo accounts being rung in properly and policies adhered to for these accounts, ongoing communication with the Lodge Manager and other duties as assigned.
  • To assist with training staff to provide high standards of service and increase their personal knowledge.
  • The inventory, ordering, wine list and menu printing will be as per the F&B Manager and learned accordingly
  • The F&B Supervisor is expected on the floor at all times and to be at the door or in the Function areas to greet the guests.
  • 90% of the position is hands on – 10% administrative
  • To control labour costs and other related costs as per budget and customer satisfaction.
  • Providing input to the F&B Manager/Hotel Manager with respect to agenda items for weekly and monthly staff meetings
  • Ensuring that our dining room is clean, tidy, organized, and according to health and safety standards
  • To assist the servers with tables in the event they require assistance with food running, making drinks and bussing tables
  • To provide service if required – may have to take tables if we are short staffed, and to provide support for the servers at all times.
  • To provide the example to all staff re: grooming policies, professionalism, vocabulary and support throughout every shift
  • Working sections and events when required
  • Working breakfast, lunch and dinner as per scheduling which should be discussed with the F&B Manager/Hotel Manager
  • Fostering a team attitude – supervising all staff members and to ensure that communication and standards are as indicated in training and operations manual  (this manual may have to be created per D.L. standards and business allocations)
  • Various tasks are allocated to various managers within the department (i.e. – supervisor and F&B Manager complete payroll and gratuity allocations , on every biweekly payroll, Gratuity for all Manager/Supervisor should be an equal allocation pending schedules, function execution, etc)
  • F&B supervisor and the F&B Manager may complete the  scheduling and allocation of shifts each week for staff members – to be approved by Lodge Manager prior to sending out  (communication is key)
  • To provide Lodge Manager with ongoing communication in the event of Performance issues or discussion and to notify HR right away with respect to incident reports etc.
  • To ensure that staff shifts are allocated in a fair and equitable manner and to provide the hours required for retention of staff – therefore staff levels are constantly communicated to the Lodge Manager
  • Previous F&B Supervisory/Management Experience including Banquets
  • Excellent verbal and written English communication skills required
  • Word, Excel and Outlook experience required
  • Must have the ability to work in a team setting while providing professional direction to staff and other Managers in the Dept.
  • Must have the ability to handle any guest issues or staffing issues with guidance from the Hotel Manager and HR. if required
  • Knowledge of Squirrel an asset
  • Sommelier certification is an asset
  • Serving-It-Right certification required
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Must have inventory experience and cost analysis experience
  • Must have the ability to work all shifts and to provide support with all daily service, breakfast, lunch, dinner and banquets when required
  • To be able to endure long periods of standing (sitting, bending and lifting may be required)
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