Water and Power Technician

Primary Function

To ensure that all systems, mechanics, and equipment in regard to Utilities and vehicles is maintained and in good working order. Responsible for daily operations and maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plant, Propane Turbines, Diesel Generators, Fire systems, vehicle maintenance and any other mechanical requirements. Operating and monitoring to ensure long term up time and minimal downtime.

The Systems Technician role is responsible for monitoring all Systems which includes daily system checks, parameter data logging and record keeping; and data analysis to ensure systems continue to operate within the normal operating range and investigation when operating parameters deviate outside normal operating conditions.  This role requires maintaining equipment, and to maintain clean, organized and safe work areas.  This includes industrial mechanics.

Reports to
Systems Manager
As Required
Duties & Responsibilities

Safety, Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent understanding of all systems and capable to learn new technologies as they are implemented.
    • Mechanical aptitude is required.
    • Basic understanding of chemistry and biology or ability to learn new concepts.
    • Basic computer skills such as Word and Excel.
  • Complete any safety and skill specific training.
  • Be safety conscious and perform work in a safe manner and maintain proper work documentation.
  • Work will be conducted with respect for environment and prevent any environmental incident.
  • Respond to emergencies / concerns outside of normal working hours.
  • Inspecting and testing equipment, devices, and systems
  • Calibrating parts and any equipment and instruments associated with the equipment.
  • Always working on preventative maintenance with all systems and equipment.


  • Understand diesel engine generator operation and how the generators interact with the turbines.
    • Knowledge of the propane bi-fuel system
    • Understand how to use the generator computer interface.
  • Know the location of the electrical panels and breakers.
  • Perform daily generator inspections and checks.
  • This includes heating and cooling of all systems
    • Visual inspection (fluid levels, vibration, noise, other equipment, etc.)
  • Perform preventative maintenance as described and to schedule per the Operators Manual.
    • Oil change, coolant flush, etc.
  • Monitor system parameters and record this data in an electronic log file.
  • Identify potential concerns early and address and troubleshoot problems should they arise.
  • Knowledge and perform safe work around the generator.
    • Wear required PPE.
  • Maintain a clean and organized generator room.


  • Good understanding of the operation of the turbines and interaction with generator operation.
  • Understanding of how the heat recovery system functions.
  • Ability to operate the turbine machine interface and make changes as required.
  • Perform daily parameter checks and maintain electronic data log file.
  • Monitor parameter data trends to ensure parameters are maintained within normal operating range.
  • Ability to address and troubleshoot problems should they arise.
  • Knowledge of propane, equipment and pipes that feed propane to the turbine.
  • Knowledge of the safety requirements and how to work safely around the turbine and propane.

Wastewater Treatment Plant (STP)

  • Understand the STP and septic tank physical operation and interaction with the lift stations.
    • Process flow, pumps, valves, instrumentation, UV System
  • Understand biological and chemical requirements outlined in the operating permit.
    • Knowledge of biology and chemistry as it pertains to operation of the STP
  • Perform daily inspections and checks.
  • Perform daily water sample tests.
  • Perform preventative maintenance as described and to schedule per the Operators Manual.
  • Monitor system parameters and record this data in an electronic log file.
  • Collect samples for 3rd party laboratory analysis.
  • Review 3rd party laboratory results and record data in electronic file.
    • React to results that may be outside the normal operating range.
  • Identify potential concerns early and address and troubleshoot problems as they arise.
  • Knowledge and perform safe work within the STP and around sewage and waste.
  • Heating and cooling systems maintenance and repair.
  • Perform laboratory equipment verifications and calibrations.

Wastewater Collection

  • Understand lift station operation and interaction with septic tanks and STP.
  • Maintain Lift Station Pumps and Floats ensuring they are cleaned and in good working order at regular intervals per maintenance schedule and pump hours.
  • Maintain spare pumps and other components to ensure lift stations operate without business interruption.
  • Safe work practices will be followed.

Water Treatment System

  • Full understanding of the operation of the water treatment system
    • Pumps, valves, filters, instrumentation and control strategy, chemical analysis, alarms
  • Monitoring process parameters and conditions including
    • Pressures, turbidity, free chlorine, flow rates
  • Data logging of process parameters and data analysis
  • Collect water samples for 3rd party laboratory analysis.
  • Understand what is required be done should a problem arise.
  • Follow maintenance plans and schedules for equipment.
  • Maintain online and secondary monitoring equipment calibration.
  • Maintain a clean and organized water treatment area.

Fire Suppression & Monitoring Systems

  • Understand operation of all aspects of fire systems.
  • Perform Regular Inspections and testing of each system.
  • Maintain equipment in good working condition.
  • Monitor system parameters and record data in electronic file.

Vehicles & Heavy Equipment

  • Perform required Maintenance and repairs on vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Transport equipment to shop when needed.
  • Operate Heavy Equipment when Needed including (loaders, excavators, and aerial platforms)


  • Monitor fuel levels.

Hot Tub

  • Understanding operation of all aspects of hot tub operation including water chemistry
  • Monitor Water chemistry and ensure all equipment is in good working order.
  • Perform any required maintenance and repairs as per maintenance plans.
  • Maintain a clean organized mechanical room.


  • Understand operation of various HVAC equipment including: Make-Up Air, Exhaust Units, Boilers, and Furnaces
  • Perform scheduled maintenance and inspection as per maintenance plans.
  • Understand how to adjust parameters and setpoints to systems.
  • Completion of secondary school
  • Certifications in industrial programs is an asset.
  • Work experience in the mechanical, industrial aspects of systems
  • Excellent attention to detail, great communication skills,
  • Excellent documentation abilities
  • Good organizational abilities
  • Full valid drivers license and clean driving record required.
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