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Celebrate Earth Day With Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts and Ecostay

Introducing Our New Partnership with EcoStay to Promote Sustainable Tourism in The Rockies

The Earth is what we all have in common. That’s why this Earth Day, we are so excited to announce our partnership with EcoStay, so that every night you spend with us at one of our three mountain lodges, Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Deer Lodge in Lake Louise or Emerald Lake Lodge near Field BC, helps us give back to the environment and promote sustainable tourism in the Rockies.

What is EcoStay?

Started in 2008, the EcoStay Forestry Initiative was developed in collaboration with hospitality industry leaders in response to the sustainable tourism movement and aims to capture carbon while protecting native species, woodlands and wildlife habitats. Together we can leave a legacy of Canada’s beauty for generations to come.

How Does it Work?

The EcoStay initiative is super simple. $2 is included in your room charge for every night you stay. This money goes to local sustainability and conservation projects such as tree-planting and protecting mature-growth forests.

Sustainable Tourism in the Rockies

How Does Ecostay Use Our Donations?

With the contributions pooled from all participating hotels, EcoStay directly funds reforestation projects. Tree-planting offers multiple benefits such as offsetting carbon emissions and restoring habitats for at risk species and preventing soil erosion.

QR Code

When you stay at our lodges, you’ll receive a special tree-planting code, which allows you to name a tree in EcoStay’s virtual forest. Scan the QR code in your in-room tent card or poster at the front desk to name your tree!

What Else is Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts Doing to Benefit The Environment?

  • Saving hundreds of litres of water per guest with our linen reuse program
  • Diverting waste from landfill by recycling guest plastics, cans, and papers
  • Slashing our energy consumption with increased usage of LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and energy efficient heating & cooling
  • Balancing our unavoidable emission through the purchase of carbon credits
  • While renovating, we are always looking at electricity and water efficiency as part of our commitment to operate in a more efficient and environmentally friendly manner
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David Guenther

BML Specific Initiatives

  • All used toiletries get picked-up, recycled, and repackaged and sent to people in need in third world countries and locally through Soap for Hope.
  • Used furniture and linen pickup, to be repurposed in local shelters (Mustard Seed, etc.) through Soap for Hope
  • Fully recyclable take-out containers and straws in our Food & Beverage Department


September 2022

27, 532

of our guests have participated in EcoStay

Our hotels have offset the equivalent of


airplane trips around the world

Our hotels’ green fund


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