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CRMR Environmental Initiatives

Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts has always been committed to protecting the National Parks by making guests aware of the importance and wonder of the Canadian Rockies. All three of the lodges have been in some way ‘recycled.’ Each is a heritage property which was discovered and restored to its original splendour by the O’Connor family.  Because CRMR is a family owned company based in Alberta, the mission to encourage responsible travel in the National Parks and to sustain the well being of local communities has been both a personal and corporate initiative. Learn more about the history of CRMR.

Buffalo Mountain LodgeDeer Lodge and Emerald Lake Lodge have each developed a balance between low-maintenance landscaping which is environmentally responsible while cultivating a property which is attractive and unique.  We incorporate several types of indigenous plants into the properties and have designed the lodges to accommodate guests in comfort without visually interrupting the natural scene.  To limit the use of cars we encourage guests at Buffalo Mountain Lodge to use the Banff Public Transit, making it a point to inform guests that there is a bus stop conveniently located in front of the lodge which is affordable and easily accessible.  At Emerald Lake Lodge no cars are permitted around the lodge itself.  Guests park their cars some distance away, limiting noise and air pollution.

The Managers’ nature hikes and snowshoe hikes (depending on the season) ensure that guests are involved in conservation.  The managers host these hikes and often include discussions with Parks Canada to ensure guests learn more about the protected area they are visiting.  Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts believe showcasing the beauty of the National Parks and educating guests on the history of the area is the most effective way of promoting respect for the environment which they are visiting.  This is why we provide brochures outlining the history of the area, place informative books and pamphlets in each room and detail the history of the area in our website.  We encourage guests to make use of our website, eliminating unnecessary paper waste and clutter.

Our recycling efforts include having our housekeeping department recycle refuse by hand, using recycled log bins, encouraging guests to reuse towels and linens, and recycling soap, broken glass, hangers and newspapers.  We have switched to energy efficient light bulbs, are currently converting to energy efficient toilets, and we also make use of dimmer switches and timers on indoor and outdoor lighting.  Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and we use linen in our dining rooms instead of paper napkins.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts’ commitment to being green extends to the food we serve to our guests.  Perhaps our most important contribution to eco-tourism, we have made a dedicated commitment to serve food that connects guests to the land they are visiting.  This is why we decided it was important to be able to trace where the food we serve has come from.  Developing the Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch allowed us to supply game meats to our restaurants, including elk, bison and most recently, the heritage breed longhorn cattle.  We do not use any antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or growth enhancing additives at Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch.  Animals at the ranch are treated humanely, and given the attentive care they deserve.  The free-range 500 acre game farm is an important element in our philosophy to provide our guests the healthiest, safest, best-tasting food possible.  This is an important consideration which makes staying at one of our lodges so unique. We share our recipes in our cookbook, Simple Treasures, available for purchase at our lodges and restaurants.

The most recent addition to Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch is a biodiesel fuel generator, which transforms used vegetable oil, from CRMR restaurants, into fuel through a series of chemical reactions, a process called transesterification. In this process, the oil is purified and then reacted with alcohol in the presence of a catalyst, and the end product is biodiesel. The biodiesel is both non-toxic and renewable, making it a very environmentally friendly alternative to standard diesel fuel. We will use this to supplement energy consumption at both the Ranch and Emerald Lake Lodge. “We are proud to be exploring alternatives to traditional fuel and reducing our impact on the earth” says Dr. Terry Church, Director of Operations for Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch.

Our family of companies prides itself on the balance we have created, providing memorable experiences to our guests while simultaneously protecting the environment and wildlife which originally enticed visitors to come to the Canadian Rockies.  We would like to welcome those same guests for years to come, and this is why the protection of the environment is crucial to us.  Our corporate and personal futures depend on it!

***All three of our mountain lodges participate in the Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Key Eco-Rating Program. Emerald Lake Lodge and Buffalo Mountain Lodge have been awarded three Green Keys, and Deer Lodge has been awarded two Green Keys. We are constantly striving to increase our Green Key rating and have recently appointed an environmental ambassador at the lodges to assist us in being as environmentally responsible as possible.

Buffalo Mountain Lodge Environmental Policy

Deer Lodge Environmental Policy

Emerald Lake Lodge Environmental Policy