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Exploring New Holiday Traditions in the Rockies

As we bid adieu to a wonderful autumn season, we look forward to the holidays ahead. Experiment with new traditions this year when you stay in the Rockies this Christmas or New Years at Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Deer Lodge in Lake Louise, or Emerald Lake Lodge near Field BC. Surround yourself with snow covered peaks and the breathtaking scenery that winter brings in the Rockies with those you hold near and dear!

Staying Safe Over the Holidays: Christmas and NYE Package

Although your normal may not be within full reach for this holiday season, take the opportunity to safely try something new. Enjoy a more intimate gathering with those you love surrounded by the stunning Rocky Mountains in Banff, Lake Louise or Emerald Lake. 

Christmas and Holidays at Deer Lodge in Lake Louise

Deer Lodge

Christmas and Holidays at Emerald Lake Lodge in Field

Emerald LAke Lodge


Gorgeous decorations, beautiful surrounding AND no clean-up afterwards equals the best Christmas ever!

Enjoy a safe, socially distanced and delicious three course Christmas dinner as well as breakfast the next morning when you book through our Christmas Package. 

Buffalo Mountain Lodge: CHRISTMAS MENU
Emerald Lake Lodge: CHRISTMAS MENU

Still not convinced? What if we told you that there are a collection of special activities to safely enjoy at each lodge over the holidays?

Please note that every adult guest who stays at Deer Lodge, must be double vaccinated. 

Friends Enjoying a Glass of Wine at CRMR's Rustic Lodges

Celestine Arden

Buffalo MOuntain Lodge

Deer Lodge

December 23

December 24

Emerald LAke Lodge


Say goodbye to 2021 and ring in the New Year surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks and an abundance of festive cheer!

Toast the New Year in style at Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, Deer Lodge in Lake Louise or Emerald Lake Lodge near Field, BC

This package includes a delicious and socially distanced dinner as well as breakfast the next day!

Buffalo Mountain Lodge: NYE MENU
Deer Lodge: NYE MENU
Emerald Lake Lodge: NYE MENU

Couple Enjoying a Glass of Champagne at CRMR

Buffalo MOuntain Lodge

Deer Lodge

Please note that every adult guest who stays at Deer Lodge, must be double vaccinated. 

Emerald LAke Lodge


Explore the stunning scenery and Rocky Mountains surrounded by snow and those your love. Perfect for a couples getaway to recharge and relax or a family-fun trip to entertain your little ones. 

Norbert von Niman Photography

Family Friendly Stays in The Rockies

DQ Studios


As the snow falls and lakes freeze here in the Rockies, it is hard to not get excited about the abundance of activities to enjoy this season!

Snowboarding in Mount Norquay

Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding

Skiing in the Canadian Rockies offers the opportunity of a lifetime to ski the lightest and airiest powder revered by skiers and boarders worldwide. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are one of the few places on earth blessed with the conditions that create an extremely light and airy powder, and Alberta has one of the longest ski seasons on the planet.

Snowshoeing in Lake Louise


Snowshoeing is an exhilarating way to travel across the blanket of snow that covers the mountains each winter. Traverse across frozen Lake Louise or Emerald Lake or on the many trails surrounding Banff, Lake Louise, or Emerald Lake. You will feel light as a feather as you crunch through snow drifts while exploring the Rocky Mountains in the winter.

Ice Skating in the Rockies

Ice Skating

One of winter’s greatest pleasures surely must be ice skating. Glide across the ice as the cold winter air nips at your cheeks. Combined with stunning rocky mountain scenery, this is a must-do activity for all visitors to the area!

Dog Sledding in the Rockies

Dog Sledding

Fun for the whole family, this old-fashioned mode of transport is an exhilarating way to experience the Rocky Mountains during the winter. Led by a team of huskies, savor the sights as you are whisked through picturesque mountain trails.  Tours are available in Banff and Lake Louise.

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