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Introducing Randy’s Lager and Grizzly Paw Brewing’s Collaboration

Buffalo Mountain Lodge proudly unveils its exciting collaboration with esteemed local brewing company Grizzly Paw Brewing from Banff, to introduce Randy’s Lager to our cherished guests. This custom brew holds a special place in our hearts due to its direct tie to our iconic bison, Randy, who presides over the lodge from above the fireplace.

Randy’s Story

Randy’s legend is one of rugged determination and untamed spirit. Raised amidst Alberta’s rolling foothills and by Randy the ranch hand who inspired our beloved bison’s name, Randy grew to be a leader of the ranch, cherishing moments grazing in the vast pastures. Harnessing the spirit of adventure, Randy, the buffalo, defied all odds, breaking through a formidable ¾ inch chain fence to reunite with his beloved lady friends. This brave moment shaped Randy into the respected figure he is today, reflecting his strong determination and dedicated pursuit to surpass any obstacle.

The Inspiration For The Beer

The inspiration behind this collaboration runs deep, showcasing both Randy’s spirit of facing challenges head-on. Their legacy reminds us that with passion and resilience, any obstacle can be conquered. Every sip of Randy’s Lager honours both Randy’s steadfast spirit and the timeless allure of the wild west.   

Randy’s Lager, in collaboration with Grizzly Paw Brewing, pays homage not just to a bison, but to a symbol of resilience and adventure. It serves as a reminder that true greatness lies in pushing boundaries and tapping into the untamed spirit that resides within each of us. Here’s to all three Randy’s: the bison who dared to defy all odds, the legendary ranch hand who raised him, and to the Lager that immortalizes their name—a testament to resilience and the enduring legacy that continues to inspire us.

About Grizzly Paw Brewing

Located in the heart of Canmore, Alberta, Grizzly Paw Brewing is a renowned craft brewery known for its exceptional range of handcrafted beers and ales. Established in 1996, Grizzly Paw has deep roots in the local community and is committed to producing high-quality, flavourful beers using traditional brewing techniques. Today, locals and visitors to Canmore can enjoy their brews at their locations downtown Canmore or in many local restaurants around the area, including The Prow at Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

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