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Rent Your Own Island or Lodge

Enjoy Emerald Lake Lodge or Deer Lodge all to yourself!

For those in search of a uniquely Canadian Rocky Mountain experience, CRMR gives you the option to Rent Your Own Island or Lodge.

Imagine. A lodge set amongst the mountains, rustic accommodations and a plethora of activities.
Imagine. A dedicated staff whose sold purpose is to cater to your every need.
Imagine. Being surrounded by a landscape so beautiful, it will leave you breathless.

Now, imagine that it’s yours, and yours alone.

Every function room, guest room, and all amenities are yours. Perfect for a wedding, conference or retreat!

Rent Your Own Island

Emerald Lake Lodge offers complete privacy and comfort. Located outside of Field, BC  in the beautiful Canadian Rockies on its own island, the lodge is built of hand-hewn timber and features massive stone fireplaces.

The resort includes a formal dining room, quiet reading and sitting rooms, conference facilities and a games room. Our lounge is enhanced by an oak bar salvaged from an 1890’s Yukon saloon. From upper or lower verandas, you can soak up – any time of year – visually stunning mountain vistas.

  • Located outside of Field, BC in the beautiful Canadian Rockies on its own island.
  • Features outdoor hot tub and games room
  • 85 guest rooms

Email Us or contact CRMR at 403-831-5182.

Photo credit: The Jar Photography, Kendal & Kevin Photography

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  • Emerald-Lake-Lodge---Kendal-and-Kevin---RYOI-Lodge
  • Emerald-Lake-Lodge---Kendal-and-Kevin---RYOI-Lodge2
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  • Emerald-Lake-Lodge---Kendal-and-Kevin---RYOI-Lodge4
  • Emerald-Lake-Lodge---Kendal-and-Kevin---RYOI-Lodge5
  • Emerald-Lake-Lodge---Kendal-and-Kevin---RYOI-Lodge6
  • Emerald-Lake-Lodge---Kendal-and-Kevin---RYOI-Lodge7
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Rent Your Own Lodge

Deer Lodge offers a historic atmosphere to host your next event.  Located 5 minutes from the shores of Lake Louise, in the beautiful Canadian Rockies the lodge is built of hand-hewn timber and features a large stone fireplace in the sitting room.

The lodge includes a formal dining room, quiet reading and sitting rooms, conference facilities and a games room. The lodge also features a rooftop hot tub that offers stunning views of Victoria Glacier and the mountains year round.

  • Located 5 minutes from Lake Louise
  • Features roof-top hot tub and games room
  • Ice Lounge is available December to April
  • 71 guest rooms

Email Us or contact CRMR at 403-831-5182.

Photo Credit: Heart & Sparrow

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  • Lake-Louise-Wedding---Heart-and-Sparrow--Winter-Wedding---Reception1
  • Lake-Louise-Wedding---Heart-and-Sparrow--Winter-Wedding---Reception2
  • Lake-Louise-Wedding---Heart-and-Sparrow--Winter-Wedding---Reception3
  • Lake-Louise-Wedding---Heart-and-Sparrow--Winter-Wedding---Reception3
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  • Lake-Louise-Wedding---Heart-and-Sparrow--Winter-Wedding---Reception7
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  • Lake-Louise-Wedding---Heart-and-Sparrow--Winter-Wedding---Reception6
  • Lake-Louise-Wedding---Heart-and-Sparrow--Winter-Wedding---Reception5
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