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Animal Management


Our guests are increasingly health conscious. That is why we do not use any hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or growth enhancing additives at Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch. Our animals remain on pastures year around and are rotationally grazed on both native grass and alfalfa-grass pastures. During the non-grazing season, we provide supplemental forage on pasture for our animals. We typically feed alfalfa and brome grass hay and/or green oat hay. We also supplement with whole oats and a mineral and vitamin pellet to support the additional nutritional needs for growth, lactation and velvet antler growth. Our animals are never full fed grain rations as in confinement livestock systems.

Our animals are vaccinated and injected to control parasites annually.

Wide Open Spaces

To bring the best game meat in the world to the table, in a natural and humane way, we raise our animals in spacious, open and stress-free conditions. This allows for freedom of movement and natural social behaviours to ensure maximum development and animal contentment. For us, it makes sense economically, and it makes sense ethically.

Humane Handling

Humane handling and treatment of our animals is a high priority at Canadian rocky Mountain Ranch. We strive to handle all of our animals calmly and peacefully. Over the years, we have developed low stress methods and facilities and handling systems to provide maximum safety for both people and animals and to ensure a high quality product. We transport our animals to the processing plant with our own truck and trailer and a driver who is familiar with bison, elk or cattle. We select the animals for processing based on their market readiness from pre-socialized groups about a week or 10 days before transport. They are held in an area adjacent to the loading / handling system that they are familiar with and provided with feed and water as necessary. We move them quietly into the handling area to be loaded and transported to the processing plant. We use just in time delivery at the plant, so that the animals are not standing for long periods in the trailer or holding pens.

We have also participated in several research studies in 2001 and 2002 to develop a painless and residue-free method of removing velvet antlers from our elk bulls. This research has been published and is now utilized throughout North America.