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About the Animals


While the land occupied by Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch was used as a cattle ranch dating back to at least 1905, we have recently reintroduced a small cattle herd to the operation. We chose to use longhorn cattle as one of the foundation breeds because they were the original heritage breed introduced into this region from the southern United States. They are characterized by long horns and broken coat patterns and colours.  However, they are leaner and more angular than modern cattle breeds and considered to be more hardy and productive on native ranges than most other breeds. Soon after their introduction into the Alberta foothills, the ranchers began to cross bred the longhorn cows with imported sires such as Shorthorn, Angus and Hereford breeds, usually imported from England or Scotland. Within a few generations, the longhorns had disappeared from the Alberta foothills. They are mostly maintained today to produce rodeo stock.

We have established a cross breeding program using red Angus bulls with the longhorns to produce an F1 cross that we raise to market weights. Similar to our elk and buffalo, the cattle are raised naturally without hormones and antibiotics to about 16 to 18 months of age.