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Ranch to Restaurant

As the demand for high quality game meat grew, so did the challenge of finding reliable local suppliers. The O’Connor family faced this challenge head on and established Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch on 540 acres of grassland in the foothills southwest of Calgary in 1996. The ranch has grown to more than double that size today. Most of the feed resources – hay, oats and green feed for the animals are also produced on family-owned adjacent land.

Wildly Successful

Today, the ranch produces most of the game meats served in the three Canadian Rocky Mountain lodges in the mountains, as well as Cilantro, Divino and The Lake House restaurants in Calgary. The popularity of these “heritage” and “adventure” meats is phenomenal. Guests, food writers and connoisseurs are “wild” about Canadian Rocky Mountain game meats. At first game meats were thought of as an exotic culinary experience available only in the finest restaurants. Today, buffalo, elk and natural beef are rapidly becoming a staple in the diets of families and people who are pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

The buffalo, elk and cattle on Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch are all raised naturally without hormones and antibiotics and are maintained on pasture year around. In recognition of the desire by many customers for healthier and more wholesome products, Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch has developed its Natural Choice label — Gluten and MSG free and only Natural Nitrates for all processed products to compliment the naturally raised animals.

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Pasture to Plate

Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch meats and velvet antler products fully support and enhance today’s fast paced consumer life-styles. People are often pressed for time, concerned about maintaining their youth and health, the safety of the foods they consume and the desire satisfaction and a positive experience. Our products are all vacuum packaged and boneless and are convenient and adapt to a hurried lifestyle. They are low in fat and cook quickly. We usually advise customers that our roasts, steaks and burgers cook in one third less time than beef due to the lower fat content in these meats. Our bison and elk meats adapt well to just about any red meat recipe.

Many people believe that meats that are naturally raised without hormones and antibiotics, low in fat content, calories and cholesterol and Natural Choice processed products which are gluten and MSG free and have only natural nitrates are more healthful and wholesome choices for themselves and their families. Elk and bison meats are also the highest iron content red meats and have approximately twice the iron content than beef. All of our meats are processed in government inspected premises and are sold frozen in vacuum packages for maximum quality and safety. Elk and bison meats are very flavorful, easy to use and enhance the taste of most recipes contributing to a positive eating experience.