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Best Travel Advice for Post-Quarantine – Guest Blogger: Styled to Sparkle

Enjoy a fabulous guest blog feature from our good pal, Carlee Krtolica, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Styled to Sparkle. Check out her amazing blog featuring fashion, beauty, family, travel and more here!

Meet Carlee!

“I’m an outdoorsy girl. I even love winter (gasp!). I’m a born and raised Canadian and have always loved the wilderness. I’m fortunate enough to live in Calgary, Alberta, which puts me within short driving distance to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and some of our most beautiful National Parks.

With our proximity, I used to feel like we took living close to the mountains for granted. They’re something that have always been there and will always be there, so we put off adventures for a later date. A couple of years ago we decided to change that and visit as often as we could. With those frequent visits came a renewal of spirit.

I never feel as Canadian as I do when I’m in the wilderness. There is something so rejuvenating about the power of nature.

One of our most recent adventures included a last-minute babymoon getaway to Emerald Lake Lodge. Visiting a location so remote allowed us to completely disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other before our newest family member’s arrival. Breathing in the fresh mountain air, taking a walk around the lake (yes, I walked around the entire lake at 38 weeks pregnant), sitting by the fire and enjoying delicious local cuisine felt like the perfect way to celebrate and prepare ourselves for what lie ahead.

I’m so thankful that we took the opportunity when we did. These are wonderful memories that I will hold onto forever. I can’t wait to visit again and show our little the beauty of this place.

When people from out of province or country ask me where to stay when visiting Canada, I always suggest Emerald Lake Lodge because it to me feels like the epitome of the Canadian experience. It’s quiet, secluded, surrounded by beautiful and unspoiled nature.

When our daughter was born in November, we couldn’t wait to take her to the mountains. We know that she’d be too young to remember her first weekend trip to Banff, but we knew that they were memories we’d have forever. Taking her up the gondola, strolling down Banff Avenue, feeling cozy in a cabin with a fireplace all snuggled up together.

I’m not going to lie to you – I had lofty plans for mountain adventures this Spring and Summer (2020), but the universe had other plans.

What have I learned through this pandemic? I’ve learned not to take opportunities for granted. Take that trip, join that friend for a hike, visit the places on your bucket list and fill your life with memories and experiences.

What brings me comfort in times like these is that the mountains will always be there. I might not be able to visit Canada’s National Parks right now, but I can definitely dream about and plan my next visit.

The mountains are there. Ready for my return.”

Carlee Krtolica


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