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Getting Back To Exploring The Rockies – Guest Blogger: Loving Littles

Enjoy a feature from one of our amazing partners, Keisha Boutilier of Loving Littles. Check out her blog centered around lifestyle and family. You can check out her contribution below about their amazing explorations of the beautiful Canadian Rockies to help inspire your future travel plans!

Getting Back To Exploring The Rockies – Guest Blogger: Loving Littles

We are all getting very eager to start exploring parks again soon, especially Banff National Park. It is hands down one of our families’ favorites and we have been enjoying visiting for the past 12 years. Every time we visit, we find new destinations to check off our list and continue to keep visiting.

From family friendly to more adult adventures there is so much for everyone to enjoy here and we are very grateful for the outdoors and the beautiful scenery we often take for granted.

Since self-isolation began in Canada, I know for our family it has been a whirlwind of a lot of different things. Knowing that one day soon we’ll be able to travel again and explore has us very excited. We love to try new things and visit new places in Banff.

Today I’m sharing with you a few that we love! Maybe you’ve been before and have memories to share from these special places, or it could be a destination you’d like to visit. Either way, soon we will all be able to get back to exploring the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Lake Louise

A classic and a must-see every single time. It always amazes me. In Summer time being able to rent a canoe and Winter on the chance, a frozen lake to rent skates on. Either way, we are never disappointed by the beautiful scenery we all can enjoy!

Banff Gondola

So much FUN! We love the Gondola ride and can easily spend a whole day at the top of the mountain exploring and hanging out. It is one of our favorites to visit. The scenic walk around the boardwalk is just enough for our family.

Two Jack Lake

This drive is a beautiful one we love to take. We stop and just take our time exploring and taking in all the views.

Lake Minnewanka

Located just before Two Jack Lake, it’s like you’re hitting two of the most beautiful spots in one visit. With trails and views it’s easy to soak up a whole day adventuring this area.

Bow Falls

Bow Falls is easily the prettiest! You can be sure to see some pretty views here and it’s a great spot to let the kids run free and explore while stretching their legs. Love this spot, being able to visit around the river or walking the trail! Can’t wait to come back here soon!

Tunnel Mountain

Tunnel Mountain is by far the best spot to see some great views of the Rocky Mountains and only minutes away from Buffalo Mountain Lodge. Driving through this area is the most exciting. It’s just SO beautiful and there are so many places to stop and walk around. Just talking about it makes me so happy.

It’s easily said that Banff is a special place for our family who loves the outdoors. From walking around downtown Banff checking out coffee shops and special shops, to finding new trails to take the kids, there is just so much to do. We are eagerly awaiting when we get to come back and take it all in again. We’ve been desperately craving another family trip here and we know that once we get the go-ahead we will be headed straight to the Rocky Mountains!

Be sure to keep up to date on Parks Canada’s re-opening dates…

Keisha Boutilier, Loving Littles

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