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Top 5 Tips for Working and Travelling in Canada – Guest Blogger: Global Work & Travel

As Canada’s travel rules have eased, we’re so excited to welcome back international travelers and working holiday makers to the Canadian Rockies and to Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts!

It’s been a long time coming and it’s no surprise if many of us have forgotten how to even travel. But if you’re planning on going on a working holiday to Canada, here’s our top 5 tips for a newbie Canadian that will help you settle in fast!

Erik McRitchie
Always remember to tip!

For anyone who is from a country without gratuity, it’s quite foreign and difficult to understand. Be aware that in Canada tips are an unspoken necessity when it comes to customer service. It is not a legal requirement to tip but it is considered to be extremely rude if you don’t. It is even needed for services that aren’t hospitality – taxi drivers, hairdressers, hotel housekeepers and so many more.

In saying that, know how much you’re required to pay! Tip according to service and nothing more. The basic rate is around 15-20%, which works in the favor of working holiday makers who will typically work in industries that rely on tips! 

Sales Tax!

Now this can be a little sneaky monster that only rears its ugly head when you get to the point of sale. Not only in Canada but North America as a whole, they charge sales tax at the cash register, so the price displayed on the price tag won’t end up being what you actually pay. Understandable that many foreigners find this process confusing, but if you shop with this knowledge in mind at least you can be prepared.

Jason Meng Visuals & Lauren Neves
Different alcohol age limits!

Different provinces in Canada have different alcohol age limits! For Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta, the drinking age is 18. But for British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, the Territories and the Maritime Provinces, the age limit is 19. So if you’re a young traveler, make sure to do a quick internet search before you walk into a bar.

Watch out for wildlife!

When in Canada, never not expect to run into some wildlife! Bears, Moose, elks and other animals roam the lands freely so before you go for a walk or a hike, have a search so you know what animals to look out for. If you’ll be driving, try and avoid driving at dusk as many deers can dart across the roads.

Christopher Amat
Scott Bakken
Be dressed for the weather!

Temperatures and climates vary drastically across Canada. Here in Alberta, temperatures can drop to -5°C to -15°C, but can also drop as low as -40°C too. So buying a good pair of snow boots, and a waterproof winter jacket will definitely be a worthy investment. The summer months are more comfortable, staying between 20°C to 25°C. But don’t let the weather fool you! If you were planning to take a dip in the lake, be prepared for some icy cold glacial water – but that hasn’t stopped most travelers!

Interested in moving to Canada on a working holiday? Global Work & Travel can assist your travel dreams and help score you job opportunities all across the country, including at the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts! Visit their website to browse their Canadian trips or speak to a Work & Travel expert on live chat.

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