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Mount Burgess Dining Room

Mount Burgess dining room is renowned for its signature Rocky Mountain Cuisine and a comfortable, warm atmosphere. Experience Chef Valerie Morrison’s seasonal menu – featuring free-range elk, bison and caribou along with seafood, pasta and a sophisticated array of desserts.

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Hours of Operation

Breakfast Open daily: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Dinner Open daily : 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

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Hours and menus subject to change without notice.
Photo: Kendal & Kevin Photography & Erik McRitchie Photography
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Kicking Horse Lounge

Located in the main lodge, the Kicking Horse Lounge features a selection of superb regional micro-brewed beers as well as some of the world’s finest single malt Scotches, Cognacs and Ports, the bartender behind the original 1890’s Yukon Bar will take – and make – all drink requests. Note: the dining room menu is also served in the Kicking Horse Lounge.

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Lounge menu served until 5 p.m, then dinner menu served until close.

Hours and menus subject to change without notice.
Photo credit: Erik McRitchie Photography
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Cilantro Café

Cilantro Café

Need to grab a quick bite to eat pre – or post – adventure? Fuel up and savour delicious casual Rocky Mountain Cuisine year round at the Cilantro Café. Located by the bridge, this grab-and-go café offers casual bites such as house-made pizza, grilled sandwiches and soup, paired with a selection of single serve beer and wine. Warm up with a cozy dish in the winter, or savour your lunch on the patio in the summer. Surrounded by mountain peaks and the famously stunning Emerald Lake, enjoy your bite to eat paired with stunning views and a cozy atmosphere.  This is what escaping to the Rocky Mountains is all about.

Cilantro Café Menu Cilantro Cafe Cocktail Menu


Hours of Operation

Open daily: 12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Hours and menus subject to change without notice.
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Our Rocky Mountain Cuisine Dining Philosophy

It was in the kitchens of Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park,  Buffalo Mountain Lodge in Banff, and Deer Lodge in Lake Louise that “Rocky Mountain Cuisine” was created. This dining style is the artful assemblage of Canadian ingredients such as game meats, sustainable seafood, prairie-grown grains and locally sourced vegetables. Each of the restaurants owned and operated by Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts offers a unique experience, but are unified in the promise of a sublime dining experience complete with excellent service, and carefully chosen boutique wines. Today we are proud to source game meat from our own ranch on 540 acres located in the rolling foothills of Calgary. The Canadian Rocky Mountain Ranch provides all of the CRMR Properties and Restaurants with high quality Elk and Bison products, raised in a natural, humane and sustainable manner without added hormones or antibiotics. We take incredible pride in our efforts of providing our guests with the very best that Canadian cuisine has to offer, and the ultimate farm-to-table experience that has become a popular dining trend around the world, especially here at home.

Photo credits: Michael Matti Photography, f8 Photography, Chris Amat Photography, Kendal & Kevin Photography
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